Local SEO For Businesses

When getting started with your local business needs, you have to consider how you’re going to market your business in order to drive more customers. According to Inc.com 96% of all business fail within the first 10 years. There are a lot of reasons why businesses go out of business, and one of those is simply because of their marketing strategy.

In today’s day in age it is very important that your business has a digital presence.  Many users flock to the internet when looking for reviews and business services in multiple industries. Google announced that mobile and tablet devices have replaced desktop searches which tells you that many users are searching the internet and they are most likely looking for your service. If you’re not online and your competitors are, then you are most likely losing customers.

Where does local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) come in?

Local SEO allows you to get listed in Google, Yahoo and bing for search terms related to your business in your local area. This allows your customers to find you a lot faster online than using an older method such as yellow pages or regular local business directories.

An example would be if we searched Google for: “Dentist In Kentucky”dentist-in-kentucky

You will see the following listings to the right. The idea is to get you listed in the local 3 pack (Top three listings for the search term in question).

Once you’re listed here you have a higher chance of attracting customers for your business as it will be the first three listings that they see before they see anything else on the page.

This alone is very powerful. In order to this you need to either local SEO yourself or higher a reputable SEO company to do it for you.

There are many SEO agency’s that promise great results but fail to deliver. Due to this the SEO industry often gets a bad reputation for as it is very easy for someone to get scammed in the process.

When looking for a reputable agency, typically they should be confident enough to offer reasonable terms and prove that they can deliver results ahead of time.

In some rare forms these companies offer a refund, if that is the case, this is a sign that they are very confident in their skills and their ability to drive results.

In closing, be sure you do your research before hiring a agency to help you rank your business online. If you decide to do the SEO yourself, be prepared to invest heavily in resources and spend countless hours studying. Google is consistently making changes to their algorithm, so if something worked 6 months ago, it may not work today.